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If you want to experience the ultimate driving experience, try this Volvo simulator, a game that will satisfy even the most pretentious...

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Volvo - The Game is something that you think was created for the fans of the car manufacturer, and in most part it is, but once you start a race, you notice just how good it is as a simulator. For a game that’s rather old, you can be a skeptic but this one, just like the cars, is built to be great.

Race several iconic cars and a concept that’s very agile

Volvo - The Game doesn’t come with an extravagant number of cars or tracks, it keeps things at a low but the kind that works in its favor. You get to drive the S60, C30, 240, 850, S40 and the S60 concept on two tracks that are designed to test both handling and speed.

Each car is an accurate representation of the real thing and not just visually, but also mechanically and performance wise. Whether it’s the S40 or the 240, you’ll see the differences right away and that’s a plus for the game.

A very good racing simulator that has almost all the trimmings

For a game that’s free, Volvo - The Game is quite the treat. Not only does it look very good but gameplay is very solid when it comes to accurately recreating the challenge of driving a Volvo (as much as the computer interface allows you to).

The car shakes when it’s at max rev, the turbine shouts the right way and the exhaust makes all the good sounds that keep you connected to the car and the race. From the driver view, you can see a well recreated interior and plenty of little details that do make a difference and somehow convince you that that’s how you want to play the game. Everything just seems to fit into place.

Racing a Volvo becomes something relatively close to real

Volvo - The Game won’t recreate the exact feeling of actually driving a Volvo, but it comes pretty close. It’s a game that has a very solid core for a simulator and plenty of nice touches and polishing to make it a good game.

Volvo - The Game Free Full Game was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 18th, 2015
Volvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full GameVolvo - The Game Free Full Game

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