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Combine different car parts to see what you can come up with that might inspire one for real life

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Virtual Car Tuning sounds nice and 10 years ago this would have been one of the most used phrases in a search engine. However, that time has long passed and so has the practicality of this tool.

A simple thing that does basic stuff

In Virtual Car Tuning things are pretty simple. You have front and side views of a car and several body parts which you can use to change the original appearance of the vehicle. You get to swap in new headlights, hoods, grills, front bumpers, tinted windows and rims, all of which come in modest numbers.

To add or remove a new part, all you need to do is click and drag it over its proper place. That’s all there is to it, none of the pieces can be customized in any kind of way, color, size and there are not variations for each one to test out. It’s a basic tool that allows you to cover up a car with two or three things.

Very few options that don’t really do much or help out

Virtual Car Tuning offers a handful of parts to work with and the phrase ‘try out an endless number of combinations’ is definitely out of the question. Sure, simple math can come up with a good number of versions but variety is still something that this tool doesn’t have.

Moreover, some of the parts have been cropped out rather poorly. In essence, you are working with cutouts of images and you are just placing them over other cropped photos. Some headlights aren’t even aligned correctly so placing them will leave one standing a bit high or a bit too low. Either way, the quality of it all is rather bad.

You’re much better off just searching the Internet for inspiration rather than using this

To sum it up, Virtual Car Tuning is something that was relevant a decade ago. Now, it’s just a Flash with some poorly cropped and colored car pieces that you get to move around. There’s not much to it so don’t expect much.

Virtual Car Tuning was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
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