Transcendence 1.5

The saga of the Commonwealth Fleet continues in this release, culminating in an encounter with Admiral Decker himself.
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The saga of the Commonwealth Fleet continues in this release, culminating in an encounter with Admiral Decker himself. Time to help him again.

Will the secrets of the mysterious Project Lamplighter help turn the tide of the war? Will you hunt down and destroy the rogue CSC Antarctica? Or will you fall to the guns of the mighty Ares dreadnought?

The call of the threat-scanner wakes you out of autopilot. A lone pirate ship, a Viking-class by the looks of it, approaches at full power, its turbolaser blasting away. You thrust towards it, aiming your slam cannon at its path.

As you wait for the ship to come closer, you consider how you'll loot the inevitable wreck. The Viking is sure to have some fuel, which you desperately need. And if you're lucky, maybe the turbolaser will survive intact.

You will need it if you are to survive the journey to the Galactic Core. At the right moment you open up with the slam cannon. Its deep thumps echo throughout your ship, and flame flowers bloom out of the Viking's hull.

Main features:

  • Asteroid mining is now implemented. Use a mining laser or a plasma torch to mine asteroids for ore.
  • Weapon enhancements have been improved. Use a hexagene booster to increase the damage of a blast weapon by 10%; use more to increase the damage further.
  • Help the chief scientist at the Rasiermesser factory by bringing him rare weapons and armor; he may reward you with an experimental weapon that he's working on...
  • The AI has been improved: ships now retreat when their shields drop and return after they've recharged them.
  • Picking a ship at the beginning is now much easier with a new screen that shows all of the capabilities of each ship. Also, there is now no limit to the number of player ship extensions.

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November 21st, 2014, 12:59 GMT
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24.9 MB
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Neuro hack
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3 Screenshots
What's New in version 1.01
  • Fixed bug in which not enough memory is allocated to save system. [Thanks to Eric James]
  • Fixed a crash when Salvager tries to dock with a destroyed object. [Thanks to namer4]
  • Fixed a crash when zoanthrope is killed by its own follower. [Thanks to darksider]
  • Added (sysCalcFireSolution).
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