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A simple card game that's a variation of the classic rummy which you can easily play

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With the tremendous amount of games that are out today, board and card games seem to have lost a big part of their contribution to a good time on a casual day. However, they have not been forgotten. Tong-Its is one of thousands of card games that have been adapted to PC use, allowing you to pass the time whenever you feel like playing a quick game.

A rummy game with origins in the Philippines

Tong-Its is a 3 player rummy game that has gained popularity in the Philippines and is more or less a variation of another card game named Tonk. It uses the standard 54 deck of cards and the objective remains the same, you have to empty your hand of all cards or reduce your card count by melding or dropping.

The game comes with a very comprehensive interface and a board arrangement that is equally easy to understand. There is no multiplayer option so you can’t play with one or two friends but you can create multiple profiles and have their progress recorded.

Simple gameplay and rules that are easy to learn

Starting the game takes a few seconds but since this is a variation, there might be a few things which might not make immediate sense to you. For this reason, the game has been fitted with a short but very handy tutorial on how the table is organized and how to play.

You can pick up cards or discard them, meld to your decks or to one of the opponents just by using your mouse and a few clicks. Tong-Its is very easy to play and master.


To sum things up, even though the game doesn’t feature a multiplayer mode, you get to play a game in which each round takes up only a few minutes of your time and actually provides a relaxing way of spending some spare time.

Tong-Its was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 10th, 2014
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