The Maze of Galious

Maze of Galius is a platform game, where you will have to travel through 10 worlds, killing the big demon of each world in order to bring peace again to your country

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The Maze of GaliousThe Maze of GaliousThe Maze of Galious
This is a legend that was told a long, long time ago...

In order to save Aphrodite, the princess of Greek, who was kidnapped by the dark overlord Hudnos, the good knight Popolon set out for the dark castle located in the depths of Mount Atlas. However, it actually was a trap set by the evil high priest Galious. He used evil spirits to do his bidding and was well versed in black arts.

He sold his own soul to the devil and was the very incarnation of evil. In Popolon's absence, Galious invaded the kingdom of Greek along with his demons and made the kingdom his base for his plans to turn the world into a realm of darkness. The true dark castle was Castle Greek itself! Galious then went to heaven and kidnapped the yet unborn Pampas, who was to be born to Popolon and Aphrodite and shut the baby away in the castle.

After rescuing Aphrodite, Popolon returned to Castle Greek. He sensed a strange presence about the castle and soon derived what had happened. In order to take back Castle Greek and rescue their future child from the hands of the dark powers, the two entered the gates of the castle knowing that this could cost them their lives.

Last updated on February 25th, 2009

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