The Incredible Machine

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A puzzle game in which you have to use physics and imagination to complete your tasks

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The Incredible Machine is a nice little puzzle game in which you have to perform different tasks using a bouncing ball and some objects that you need to strategically place. It’s a game that is way passed its ‘bed time’ but the mechanics are still fairly good and it offers a decent challenge.

A chance to test your puzzle solving skills

Throughout the levels of The Incredible Machine you will either have to collect money, put the ball through an opening, kill ghosts and more just by using the power of gravity and a few helpful objects. You start off with the ball placed in the same spot and using a series of blocks and volleyballs, you have to complete the task given to you.

The square blocks can be rotated at 45 degree angles to help you guide the ball along the trail you need it to follow, while the volleyballs act as trampolines that further propel the ball towards its destination. Depending on the level difficulty and your problem solving skills, you can use all of the provided objects or just a few.

Rudimentary graphics

From a visual point of view, The Incredible Machine is well behind todays basic standards. It look rather bad but do consider that it has a large number of years behind it, although even then it wouldn’t of caught your attention in any particular way.

Looking past the above, the game still remains a good option for puzzle lovers. It’s not really a difficult game but it has its moments and you will certainly enjoy that.

Make the ball bounce the right way

All-in-all, The Incredible Machine has a simple concept that is somehow addictive if you’re not overly demanding when it comes to visuals, not that the audio effects are any good. It’s a modest game but if you give it a shot, you might end up playing a few more levels that you initially anticipated.

The Incredible Machine was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 18th, 2014
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