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A game that will give you something to think about as well as offer a good dose of humor

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The Impossible Quiz is a neat little game that challenges you to correctly answer as many questions as you can. It sounds simple enough but these aren’t your typical ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ questions, no, these are some of the most ridiculous and random questions you will ever face.

A Flash powered quiz that will make you laugh

The Impossible Quiz is built using some pretty unusual questions. The solution to some are logical, others require a bit of creative thinking, some make absolutely no sense and the rest are based on pure luck.

Alongside the confusion factor that is predominant in the game, you also have a few features that make it kind of difficult to finish. First off, you get a number of three lives and you lose one every time you give an incorrect answer. Lose all three and it’s game over, you have to start right at the beginning.

Secondly, there are some questions which must be answered as fast as possible because they are timed. The answering interval ranges from 10 seconds to an impossible 1 second.

Unfortunately, it’s a game you play to finish once, or at most two times

The biggest downside to the game is that whenever you get the big and annoying ‘Game Over’ screen you start the game with the exact same questions, in the same order. So, if you have a decent memory, you already know some of the answers and can easily fly passed them until you get back to the question you failed, find out the answer to that one, fail again and then repeat once more.

All in all, this is not that bad, it’s all part of the fun and there’s plenty of that when you get to see the questions. Seriously, some of them are hilarious while others are real puzzles.

A fun game to share with your friends

To sum things up, pack some patience, refresh your brain and give this game a shot. It’s one one of the most fun things you can enjoy on a casual day.

The Impossible Quiz was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 25th, 2014
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