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This is a classic game of tetris presented in flash

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Tetris N-Blox. So, it’s Tetris with an N number of blox (blocks). Basically you have the classic Tetris game but built in Flash to run in your browser of choice. It’s exactly Tetris but with its own distinct look.

Play a classic right on your PC, any PC

As long as you have Flash Player installed on your computer, Tetris N-Blox will run without a glitch. It’s a lightweight product that relies on basic graphics and a few colors so hardware configuration will be the least of your worries.

Gameplay is just as you remember or know it to be. Seven tetriminos drop one at a time at regular intervals from the top and make their way downwards. Your job is to stack them one on top of the other to form perfectly arranged lines that disappear once they are created. For each line that dissolves you get a number of points and the more you create and eliminate, the bigger your points pool gets. It’s as simple as that.

A game that becomes fun just as it gets complicated

Most of us play Tetris in a certain way. We stack up the pieces of the puzzle perfectly but leave a single vertical column free for those lovely straight lines so we can enjoy watching four rows disappear all at once. You can still do this in Tetris N-Blox but keep in mind that as you play, pieces appear and come down faster and faster.

Your only chance of getting a high score is to keep perfectly focused and have well calibrated reflexes. One small mistake and it can all come crumbling down, or in this case, piling up.

It’s Tetris, how can you not like it?

To wrap it up, Tetris N-Blox is nothing spectacular and at the same time it’s not a bad game either. It’s colorful, clean, easy to play and it’s what you might need to play one day to pass the time.=

Tetris N-Blox was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
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