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A Flash game in which Mario, Kirby and Sonic can fight it out to see who's the best

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Super Smash Flash is a lightweight fan-made game in which you get to see some neat battles between some of the famous characters in gaming. You can play as Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Ichigo and Lloyd to see who comes up on top as a fighter.

Basic gameplay that works

In Super Smash Flash, you have the characters above, each one with his unique look and set of skills to bring into combat. The game offers four levels, two of which are worth fighting in because they actually look like arenas.

The player can opt to play against up to three human challengers, all sharing the same keyboard, or you can switch to AI opponents. If the latter is what you choose, their difficulty level can be adjusted but if you face just one, the max level still won’t be enough. Having two is better but playing against three is how it should be.

Combat is easy to master because each character uses the same type of moves but which look different when executed.

A casual fighting game experience

The bad thing about Super Smash Flash is that you get tired of all the five characters in a relatively short time. The animations for the moves are good, the characters are responsive to the commands you give and it’s possible to get a good fight out if your move sequences are spot on.

On the other hand, Super Smash Flash has no audio so you’d best give it a go with something playing in the background if you don’t feel like creating the sound effects live.

Worth a shot if there’s nothing better to play

The gaming world has issued out a long list games that share the same gameplay and idea, but not necessarily with these characters. Super Smash Flash is fun to play but only if you’re a fan of the characters, if not, there’s a chance that you won’t be playing it for far too long. It gets dull pretty fast.

Super Smash Flash was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
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