Super Mario Fusion Revival0.3.1 Beta

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A very well crafted Mario inspired game that offers a wide range of levels and plenty of game time

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Super Mario Fusion Revival is a fan-made tribute to the well known game franchise that features Mario and all of his friends along with other characters. The game comes with a large number of levels that have been designed to offer the same classic gameplay while also adding a few unique things.

A Mario take that looks and plays really well

Out of all the Mario fan-made games, this one is probably one of the best. It’s vibrant, full of color and very dynamic as far as gameplay rhythm goes. You almost never get a dull moment or a prolonged piece of gameplay that’s close to being boring.

The game features a nice soundtrack that really sucks you into the whole Mario theme and atmosphere and gives you that extra piece of excitement when playing. As far as level design goes every one is made to look great and to be a bit tough to play. You get everything from the classic Mario setup to desert locations and even a dimension where the undead roam.

Tough as nails but certainly entertaining

Super Mario Fusion Revival is not only a game that looks good. It’s also one that challenges you like any true platformer should. Gameplay is smooth and controls are easy to master but you will face plenty of moments when you barely make it alive.

Apart from Mario you get to meet a wide range of characters with which you can actually play and each one adds to the entire charm of the game.

A platformer that sticks true to its origins while also delivering its unique flavour

On a closing note, Super Mario Fusion Revival is really good. There is a lot of gameplay time that comes with it, numerous great looking levens and tons of challenges ahead of you.

Super Mario Fusion Revival was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 25th, 2015
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