Super Mario Frustration

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A fan-made game that built to really test your love for all thing Mario and your patience

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Super Mario Frustration is a fan-made Mario adaptation with a name that’s totally appropriate. It’s a game that’s specifically built to be tough to beat so expect a lot of raging.

A game that’s almost decent and terribly bad at the same time

From a visual point of view, Super Mario Frustration is barely acceptable considering the time period it surfaced. All the elements that make up the game are decent when looked at individually but the way they've been mashed up together is just bad.

The goal of the game is to get to the end of it all, obviously, but getting there will prove to be more than just a challenge. Super Mario Frustration follows almost none of the classic Mario rules or gameplay, it’s just a mess of things.

Character control that’s borderline frustrating

One thing in Super Mario Frustration that will get to you is how awkward it is to control the little plumber. Gravity seems to have been a forgotten notion in this game because dropping down occurs at a very slow speed and while you’re falling, you can glide horizontally with extreme ease.

The latter is nice and it does offer some much needed control over the character but on the long run, it just bothers you. Super Mario Frustration definitely becomes frustrating but luckily for you, just like the original, practice makes perfect. After the first stage, which is a cinch to pass, things start to get tough and you will be restarting the level at least 20 times.

One that’s best left for those who don’t have a short temper

To summarize, Super Mario Frustration can get frustrating a lot of the time but if you’re looking for a badly built but real challenge you can try it out. Be prepared for a lot of stuff that doesn't really make sense.

Super Mario Frustration was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
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