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Help Mario rescue the princess from the evil dragon in this fun arcade platformer

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Super Mario Flash is a fan-made remake of the famous arcade platformer where sprites and music from the original version are used, yet the levels are not exactly as in the old game.

The story of Mario is well known, he is an Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom kingdom. One day, the evil dragon Bowser, disrupts the peace and quiet that rains through the kingdom and kidnaps the beautiful Princess Peach. Mario set in search of her while collecting coins and killing all of Bowser's minions he meets on the way.

What can help you and what can kill you in the Mushroom Kingdom

Lets talk a bit about the power-ups that are to be found in the game: the mushroom is very common in all Mario games and with it Mario can grow back to its normal size, you start out as a small Mario character. When getting hit after you've eaten the mushroom, Mario does not die, but it turns back into the small Mario.

The mushrooms, once uncovered from their location, will keep on bouncing and it you're not careful, you can lose it. The rainbow flower is another power-up you can collect. This one does not bounce and will only appear if a mushroom power-up has been previously collected. If you already have the rainbow flower, you can collect a second one, but no new power-up will be added, just 1000 points.

The rainbow power-ups allow Mario to shoot bouncing flames. The third power-up that can be found in this game is the star. After collecting a yellow star, Mario becomes invincible to enemies, you just have to watch out for the endless pits.

The fate of fan-based Mario games

Being a fan-based game created in Flash, you shouldn't have the same expectations as in the original game, yet this version manages to surprise with very few glitches and quite addictive gameplay.

Super Mario Flash was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
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