Super Mario Bros. 5

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This new remake is your basic SMB game. Custom graphics, 4 stages with a boss each, fireballs, coins, and 1 Ups.

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Super Mario Bros. 5 is a fan-made tribute to the classic platformer with the same name. It actually strives to deliver the same experience but before you go any further, don’t expect too much from it.

It’s nice, but a bit buggy

Super Mario Bros. 5 was created a good deal of years ago and by today’s standards it’s rather bad in terms of graphics. It’s decent overall but if you start the game and see that every animated character is placed inside a large square, restart the game, it was not built to be compatible with today’s operating systems and hardware.

Apart from that, jumping will sometimes be an issue because the game has its moments when it obeys the controls you press, but other times it might take a bit for them to be processed. Obviously the delay will cause you to die.

A fan-made game in every form

Super Mario Bros. 5 is in every single aspect a fan-made game. Everything is built and imported to at least look like the original without breaching any copyright laws. So, the background, foreground, characters, power ups are a mashup of things that represent Mario.

Depending on personal taste, these might come out as being cute, or terrible but that comes down to a matter of personal taste. Either way, generally speaking, things look rather bad in the sense that they don’t really blend well with one another.

Something you play if you’re a fan of indie games

On a closing note, Super Mario Bros. 5 is a decent choice if you’re looking for a Mario inspired game that’s free of charge. As long as you don’t want too much from it, it will be just fine.

Super Mario Bros. 5 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 19th, 2015
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