Super Mario 63

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An arcade game that lets you undertake new adventures in distant lands with Mario

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Super Mario 63 is a fan’s take on the world of Mario and the adventures of the famous mustache man. In this release you will be jumping and flying across multiple levels, each unique in its own way.

A classic platformer

Super Mario 63 pays respect to the famous original platformer as well as to the other licensed releases containing the little guy. From the first level you are introduced to the controls of the game and some of its mechanics, a lot more to discover along the way.

Gameplay remains the same, you have to make your way to the end of a level by jumping on platforms, stomp on the mushroom men and collect as many coins and gems as you can. Once you make your way to the castle, you won’t be fighting Bowser right away because this is Super Mario 63, there are other boss fights for you.

Diverse and dynamic world

In Super Mario 63 you won’t really have time to get bored as every couple of tiny steps brings you in front of a new foe or difficult jump. The levels are well designed and if you can’t manage or navigate one, you are able to zoom in and out to see a bigger picture.

Mario can perform double and even triple jumps, do spin punches and stomp the ground with force. In certain levels he can also make use of a water-powered jet pack which will come in handy when you want to reach some platforms.

Moreover, Super Mario 63 has a number of secrets which you have to discover and collecting stars helps you to unlock new levels which are always more fun than the previous ones.

A nice rendition of a classic

To sum things up, if you’re Mario fan and want to try something different and equally fun, then you can definitely try Super Mario 63.

Super Mario 63 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
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