Super Grocery Shopper

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In this game you'll learn to save money by eating healthy!





This game is about shopping smart and eating healthy. The player is in charge of grocery shopping for the household for a week. On each day, he is given a fixed budget to purchase food ingredients which are also within a specific calorie range. Food can be added to the shopper cart by left clicking on them.

To remove them from cart, first click on the shopping cart to view the inventory, and then click on any item will remove it from the cart. Careful not to take too long in deciding what to buy as food will be sold out in the market.

Once the player is ready, he proceeds to the next day by clicking on the “Checkout” button located near the bottom of the screen. If he did this without spending his entire budget, the remaining budget will be carried over to next day.

The obejctive of the game is to spend as few monies as possible while maintaining a balanced diet.
Last updated on September 7th, 2013
Super Grocery ShopperSuper Grocery ShopperSuper Grocery ShopperSuper Grocery Shopper

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