Super Adventure Island 2

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A nice little remake of the classic Super Adventure Island 2 which you can freely play

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Super Adventure Island 2 is a fan-made remake of the popular Super NES game with the same name. You get to play as Master Higgins who is separated from his wife while on their honeymoon and now has to travel a great distance, full of dangers, to find her.

A nice take but far from the original

Super Adventure Island 2 looks nice, or at least it would have looked nice a good couple of years ago. By today’s standards the graphics don’t do much for you but you can lower the native resolution of the monitor to get the feeling that you’re playing a retro game.

Overall, the game is nice, it feels alive and relaxing. Gameplay consists of the classic platformer features in which you move to the right, jump over obstacles, avoid traps, kill enemies that appear in your way and try to make it to the end of the stage in one piece.

Starvation is a bigger problem than the enemies you face

In this take of Super Adventure Island 2 you have to keep your energy level up if you want to complete each stage of the game. The catch is that as you walk around, you become hungry and if you don’t eat fruit, you die. In some cases this will prove to be a bigger problem that the little monsters you encounter.

This forces the player to hurry up which in turn can lead to mistakes being made. All in all, Super Adventure Island 2 isn’t really a tough game but it does have its moments.

A decent game that tends to crash a lot

Since Super Adventure Island 2 was created a good deal of years ago, its lack of compatibility with more modern operating systems and hardware configurations might lead to a lot of crashes. Maybe more than you would ever prefer.

However, if you have a bit of luck, that won’t happen all that often.

Super Adventure Island 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 23rd, 2015
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