Stick War

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Check out a fun Flash game where you get to build your own stickmen army and conquer lands

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Stick War is an arcade game in which you will have to command an army of stickmen and conquer vast lands to create your own kingdom. It’s a Flash powered game that takes up very little system resources and can be casually played on any computer.

A stickman tug of war

The game starts off with an introductory narration that describes a world dominated by the need of conquest and since that seems to be the general theme, you can’t stand back and see others try to take over your lands and kill your people. Because of this, you embark on an epic journey to conquer all those who might consider attacking you.

Gameplay in Stick War is very simple, depending on the type of mission, you either have to defend a monument or destroy one. Regardless of which one it is, you need to create workers that will mine gold and use it to train an army. Once you feel that your troops can come out victorious, you may send them into battle against the opposing force.

The game is basically a tug of war but instead of pulling, you push your soldiers into battle. The larger and more powerful your push is, the greater are your chances of winning.

Play in autopilot or full manual

In Stick War, workers and soldiers are created with one click and attack your enemy with another push of a button. It’s all very simple and rather relaxing but if you want to take over the fight, you are able to manually control any of your units.

It does make things a bit more difficult but you do ensure that your spearmen focus on the enemy archers and while on manual override, your units have more health.

A simple game in every way

From graphics to gameplay, Stick War is as simple as a game can be. It’s relaxing to play, somewhat amusing and perfectly fits the profile of a casual game, that is, if you don’t mind the cheap vector graphics.

Stick War was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
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