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Enter the world of a simple stickman who can either get a honest job or an illegal one

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Stick RPG, is probably one of the smallest PRGs that will ever make its way onto your PC (except text based ones, those are something else). If you’re thinking that the main character is a stick, you’re partially right but the correct answer is that the hero of this game is a stickman.

An extraordinarily simple RPG that reflects the repetitive nature of most modern day lives

The goal to Stick RPG is to gain as much net worth as you can in a limited or unlimited amount of time. Obviously, the first is the one you should try since unlimited means infinite, and in an infinite amount of time you can earn an infinite amount of cash so, you've already won, there’s no real point to it.

In Stick RPG your character is an elementary designed top-view human in a minimalistic word in which you can get a job, go to school, lift some weights at the gym, get into a bar fight and so on. The game has some activities that can be done but as you play along, you see that you can make money by working hard or dealing drugs.

The bottom line is, that in a very short time, you’ll be immersed in a totally repetitive daily routine from which there is little you can do to get out. Just like in real life, for a lot of people.

Simple gameplay to make things much more boring

Apart from the sound your guy makes when falling off the map (yes, it’s possible), there isn’t much chart to the game, even if you were to think of it as a totally ironic game.

There is very little you can actually do in the game, apart from studying for a better job and a promotion, going to play blackjack or eating burgers. It’s not to say that the game is not fun, but there are few moments of it and it doesn't really balance things up.

A nice little experiment for the ultimate boring day

On a closing note, Stick RPG is something nice to try out if you’re curious enough to know more about it. It is though a game you won’t be playing all that much or often.

Stick RPG was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 27th, 2014
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