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Guide a little yellow start up into the sky by jumping upward from one platform to another

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Starbound is your typical up-beat fast-paced Flash powered mini game that you can casually play for hours and hours if you're bored or really into infinite tower climbing games.

You’re a little star who wants to get back up in the night sky

The main character in Starbound is a little yellow star that has a cute smile, green eyes and the wish to climb up into the sky to be with her star friends. The goal of the game is to keep climbing up a series of randomly placed platforms until you reach the end of the level.

Each successful jump you make grants you a series of points, depending on the difficulty and travel distance. Apart from other similar games, in Starbound you don’t get a moderately slow start in which you have the time to familiarize yourself to the controls. It starts up fast and keeps the pressure constant as you climb.

Keep jumping until you catch fire and fly

In Starbound, if you manage to quickly make several consecutive jumps, you start to catch fire, make more points and ultimately grow wings which propel you higher into the sky. Keep in mind though that those wings run out and if you’re not careful, you can fall between the grass platforms and die.

At times, Starbound really challenges your reflexes and patience because you will do a lot of level restarting as you play. This is because the platforms come fast, making it very difficult to anticipate jumps.

A casual game that’s fun to play anywhere you are

On a closing note, Starbound is exactly that type of game you can play whenever you feel the need to waste some time in a fun way. It can be played on any computer that has Flash support and it’s almost neverending.

Starbound was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 19th, 2014
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