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A collection of card games that are well suited for all those who want to spend some time in a casual manner

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SoliLuxe is a collection of card games that are just about right for those who enjoy Solitaire based games and want to spend a couple of minutes or hours in a relaxed way. It comes with multiple types of card games and a bit of Mahjong.

A simple and nice design

SoliLuxe comes with an intuitive and user-friendly design that makes it a good choice for anyone who is into card games or just starting out with them. The main window is split into two main sections; a left one where the gamespace will be and a right one that contains game types, options, and information.

Starting a game or changing it with another is as simple as clicking one button. With SoliLuxe, things are straightforward and enjoyable. If you get stuck on something, the collection comes with a consistent documentation that will explain just about anything you need to know about the games and the app.

Very relaxing to play

It’s hard to imagine a Solitaire game or a similar one that’s not relaxing, that is if you don’t have your mind set on winning each game. Moving the cards around is done in a simple manner using your mouse, the animations are smooth, and the game runs like a charm.

There’s very little you can go wrong with when it comes to something like this and SoliLuxe is a solid product. It’s a bit old, I’ll give you that, and by today’s standards it might not be all that relevant in the causal gaming world but it’s still relaxing to play.

A place you can play Solitaire in

To end, SoliLuxe is a nicely-crafted collection of card games that should work fine on any PC. It offers good visuals, classic games, and everything else needed to spend time in a casual way.

SoliLuxe was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
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