Snail Bob 2

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Help a young snail deliver his present to grandpa without getting trapped or killed first

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Meet Bob, your lovable snail protagonist who in the mists of a casual day remembers that it’s his grandfather’s birthday. He rushes to prepare a gift and off he slowly goes into the vast wilderness ahead rather unaware of the perils and trials that lie ahead.

A game that’s extra casual with a dose of clever in it

Snail Bob 2 is a casual puzzle game in which you will have to help out little Bob. As you know, snails don’t have arms or legs, or wings and so they’re pretty much helpless, all they can do is crawl forward.

Since the road ahead is full of danger in the form of traps, obstacles and wildlife, you’ll have to step in and make sure that the Bob makes it to his grandpa in one piece, and still in his shell. You have minimum control over the snail because all you can do is tell him when to stop and duck for cover in his shell.

Throughout each level you will have to trigger various mechanisms, move objects and a lot more as Bob makes his way across. Basically, you’ll have to solve each of the puzzles on the run.

Simple and creative mechanics that make the game very fun to play

In each level, Bob the snail will face a different kind of environment and consequently, you will have to solve a different kind of puzzle. The puzzles you face in Snail Bob 2 are in no particular way difficult. All the solutions are rather obvious if you have a bit of imagination.

One of the challenges, apart from making sure Bob makes it passed a level safe and sound, is to complete that level as fast as you can because each second that passes by reduces the maximum score you can obtain. It’s a nice little touch that forces you to speed things up while also making it easier for you to mess up.

A cute casual game that can be enjoyed by anyone on a slow day

So, if you’re looking to spend a few minutes with a fun and creative game, then you can certainly try Snail Bob 2. It’s easy to play, it has plenty of funny moments and lots of clever puzzles to solve.

Snail Bob 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
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