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A horror adventure game based on Slender that takes place in an abandoned sanatorium

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Slenderman's Shadow - Sanatorium is a horror game played in a first-person perspective where you must escape from a deadly monster while collecting pages.

A great looking unofficial remake

The game was created after the official Slenderman game and it features several chapters. Sanatorium is the first chapter (map) that appeared in the series and has known a real success.

Take on the role of a man and, just like in the original game, explore a large indoor map filled with different rooms and objects in order to find eight different pages that contain strange messages. There is blood on all the pages, sign that a tragedy has occurred or others attempted to collect them before you. Luckily for you, the pages shine in the dark so they're quite easy to spot once you are near them.

As scary as the original

The horror feel is not only caused by the creepy soundtrack, the scary sounds and the monsters that lurk nearby, but also by the objects scattered all around like in a post-apocalyptic scene induce more fear.

You will have to travel from room to room and search thoroughly for the pages. Your only "weapon" is your flashlight, yet if you manage to collect all eight pages, you will be awarded a pistol and you will get the chance to shoot the infamous Slenderman.

Become Slenderman

After collecting all the pages, you'll be given the chance to become the Slenderman. Taking this chance will be up to you.

The game can be quite scary so we definitely do not recommend it to people with heart problems.

Slenderman's Shadow - Sanatorium was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
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