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The seventh map for the horror adventure game based on Slender that will definitely scare you

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The Slenderman series has been with most of its released episodes a great success in the lines of those who enjoy a good indie horror game. This one, Slenderman's Shadow - Prison continues the legacy of a good scare delivered in subtle and random way.

A very well designed map

One thing that seemed a bit tedious in some of the Slender releases was the linear and repetitive maze feeling that it gave you. At some point, although you were scared to have the tall creepy guy trying to get you, there were times where you wished that the surroundings would change a bit, regardless if it was more or less frightening.

Well, with this one, Slenderman's Shadow - Prison that won’t be a problem. Sure, you’re still trapped in a maze-like world but the design for the rooms, their placement and how they are connected allow you to feel as you’re discovering a lot of new stuff now and again.

Same simple and captivating gameplay

In Slenderman's Shadow - Prison, as in all the games, the controls are those of any first-person oriented game, you get basic controls for character movement and you can use your mouse to look around and explore your surroundings.

Since Slender is an evil fiend with expert stalking skills, you can’t kill him and thus you have no weapons or means of protecting yourself. You do however get a tiny flashlight that seems to never run out of juice (which is kind of a bad thing since it is a lot more scarier to roam around in the dark to save battery).

Guaranteed to deliver a good scare

Slenderman's Shadow - Prison, like the rest of the episodes, is sure to get a good scare out of you. It has the same eerie atmosphere that intensifies as you get closer to your goal and it certainly builds up tension.

Slenderman's Shadow - Prison was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 16th, 2014
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