Slenderman's Shadow - Elementary

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Another map for the horror adventure game based on Slender where you must collect notes

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Slenderman's Shadow - Elementary is an episode derived from the wildly popular Slenderman horror game which this time places you in an abandoned elementary school where things have gone wrong, seriously wrong.

An atmosphere that is as eerie as it can be

A lot of hype has been made toward the fact that Slenderman is a scary game and if you're a skeptic, then you should really try it. From the first second of the game you are left alone in a large school and given a simple instruction, find eight teddy bears to finish the game. Nothing more, nothing less, except the fact that you'll have to avoid any kind if contact with Slenderman if you want to survive.

There is no brief period of time for you to gradually dive into the scary scenario, it's there from the absolute beginning so you immediately start to feel uncomfortable. No minimap, no hints, just a large building where it's very easy to get lost.

Scary from start to finish

It doesn't take long for things to get bad, weird noises start appearing now and again seemingly at the perfect random time to scare you. The soundtrack also greatly helps in adding to the creepy environment and makes sure you're constantly on your feet.

As far as graphics go, there are some aspects which might not please you very much, such as the cheap looking foliage that is placed outside some of the well-lit windows. Then again, you won't be seeing much light and those kinds of windows are rare.

The school in which Slenderman's Shadow - Elementary takes place is actually well designed. Plenty of weird writing in blood, warning signs and other bits and pieces that will make you want to turn around, hopefully not facing Slenderman as he tends to pop-up exactly when you least expect it.

Quite the challenge and worth playing

All in all, Slenderman's Shadow - Elementary might not impress you very much in terms of graphics and gameplay, but it will certainly deliver a good number of scares throughout the entire duration of the game.

Slenderman's Shadow - Elementary was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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