Shotgun Fun Fun

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In this arcade game you will have to kill an unlimited number of demons that spawn from everywhere

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Shotgun Fun Fun is an action packed platformer in which you play the role of a trigger-happy dude who has a very powerful shotgun, infinite bullets and a never ending supply of demons to shoot.

Simple and entertaining gameplay

In Shotgun Fun Fun there are no quests, no missions, there is only the need to shoot demons with a loud gun and survive as long as you can while doing so. The world around you is in 2D and you just have to jump from one platform to another, climb ladders and shoot.

Controls are as simple as can be and offer very precise control over the motion of your character. You can use the arrow keys to move around and your mouse to aim the shotgun in the direction of the demons.

Decent animations and effects

Shotgun Fun Fun uses simple graphics that remind you of the classic platformers and uses them to its advantage. Their basic nature makes the game that much more innocent-looking but once you start shooting that gun at the zombies, you soon fill the walls with blood splatter and the bodies just pile up.

For a 2D game with a rudimentary look, there’s more gore than you would expect but on the good side, the effects can be turned off.

Shotgun Fun Fun actually is loads of fun since it’s a very dynamic game in which you have little to no time to get bored. Demons can be found everywhere and they have this need to constantly jump on you, luckily you can blast them away while they are in mid-air.

Watch your back because they are everywhere

To conclude, if you're looking for a fun 2D action game that is sure to steal a good bunch of hours from your day, then Shotgun Fun Fun is the way to go.

Shotgun Fun Fun was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 16th, 2014
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