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Take over the controls of a robot specialized in warfare and liberate a space station

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Robots that shoot other robots have always had a special place in a gamer’s heart. No matter if it’s a tiny little droid or a 200 foot mech-warrior, we enjoy it when they get the job done. Robokill is a nice top-view arcade shooter in which you will be at the command of a robot that has to take out an entire enemy force all on his own.

Equip your robot with the latest weapons and fight

Robokill is designed to be more of a casual action game so don’t expect spectacular physics or incredible animations, after all, it’s a modest Flash powered game.

The story begins with your ship heading towards the Titan Prime space station that has been apparently taken over by a hostile robot army. Once you board the station, it’s your job to clear out every single room of the invading troops.

Robokill also incorporates a slight dose of RPG as your robot gains experience with every kill and levels up when it reaches a threshold. Moreover, you also get to pick up new weapons and items in a battle. Everything you find can be equipped and makes your robot more powerful. If what you find just won’t do it, provided you have enough cash, there’s a shop in the game from where you can buy better weapons.

Simple controls and gameplay

Since Robokill is a top-view shooter, you will be using the standard movement buttons to control the robot and the mouse to aim. Moving about with the robot is very simple and its motion is very precise allowing you to easily maneuver it in front of incoming fire.

At different points in the game, the enemy rockets and lasers come at your in large numbers making it quite challenging to avoid all of them and if that won't be difficult enough, you will also have to watch your step as it’s very easy to fall off a platform into space.

A lightweight package that’s action-packed

Summing things up, Robokill is kind of great if you’re looking to spend a few hours of your day blasting robots. It won’t offer that much of a challenge during missions but it certainly is relaxing to play.

Robokill was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 17th, 2014

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