Risen3D 2.2.28

A standalone port of the DOOM engine.
Risen3D is a standalone port of the classic Doom game with improved OpenGL graphics, new models, skybox support and detailed textures.

Improve your Doom game experience using the Risen 3D launcher. Have fun!

NOTE: Risen3D is a Doom port only, you still require at least one of the iwads contained in any commercial version of either Doom, Doom2 or Final Doom before Risen3D will run maps in non commercial wads. 

Main features:

  • Advanced algorithms provide more accurate rendering in OpenGL.
  • Full Boom and MBF compatibility.
  • Super fast rendering of OpenGL graphics.
  • Slopes and 3D floors.
  • Md2 models, particle effects and high resolution texture options.
  • Skybox support.
  • Translucent water and underwater effects.
  • Outside fog support for maps that require it.
  • Model activation capability using the R3D scripting method.
  • Mobj spawning using the R3D scripting method
  • Detailed texture support.
  • Dedicated smart Launcher for easy launching and pwad management.
  • Uncapped frame rate for smoother game play.
  • Definition and dehacked editing capabilities.
  • Basic Doom mode option
  • Water splashes, ambient sounds, scrolling skies and stealth monsters.
  • In game texture alignment using the R3D Edit mode.

last updated on:
October 2nd, 2014, 6:22 GMT
file size:
5.8 MB
developed by:
C: \ Freeware Games


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What's New in This Release:
  • Following a forum request dropping the console now suspends any game that may be in progress until raised again.
  • If the previous behaviour is wanted then use SHIFT + the console key.
  • Smoothing with movement in the vertical axis (e.g. when enemies are walking up or down slopes in R3D maps) has
  • been improved.
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