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I never really played Rally X when I was a kid, but I did play clones called 'Radar Rat Race' and 'Auto Chase'...

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This Rally-X is a recreation of the 1980’s classic game with the same title. It’s an arcade racing game in which you have to navigate maze-like levels to collect a number of yellow flags while avoiding to be killed by evil racers.

Simple graphics that emulate the original just the right way

Rally-X is made to look as much like the real thing as possible with a few minor exceptions. For example, in this fan-made version there are only three red racers chasing you opposed to four in the original.

Other than that, the game pretty much looks like the first title but this Rally-X also comes with the option to switch to some more modern graphics. If you choose to do so, the game retains the same gameplay but gets a bit of a 2.5D look. It looks nice but the arcade emulation seems much better.

Make one mistake and you’re toast, it really recreates the arcade toughness

In Rally-X you have to navigate a maze with your little racer to collect 10 yellow flags. When you manage to do so, you get to go to the next level to do the same thing and so on. There are however two tricky parts, controlling the car and avoiding the red racers.

Your car will constantly keep going in the direction you point it in using the arrow keys and bumping into the side of the road won't damage it, it will only make it turn around so you need to time every curve at the right time. If you hit a rock or another racer, you lose one life.

The actual bad news is that those racers that are out to get you are really fast and evading them is very tough but it’s possible by leaving patches of smoke behind your car. Whenever you do this, you lose fuel and if you run out, it’s game over. The odds really won’t seem to be in your favor.

A totally enjoyable game if you’re looking for a classic

To wrap it up, Rally-X is a really nice recreation of the classic title. It’s equally tough and simple and it offers the same kind of enjoyment.

Rally-X was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 7th, 2015
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