Raft Wars

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A fun Flash game where you have to shoot the pirates out of the water using water guns

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One day at the beach, while playing in the sand you, Simon, find gold and diamonds that are worth just over ten million dollars. Now that you’re a rich baby, everyone wants a piece of the pie and they’re set to get it from you at any cost.

Pump up your raft, grab a bazooka and defend your treasure

To help you fend off the pirates, mobsters and even your neighbors, your brother joins your side, fully equipped with his Superman pajamas, wavy cape and all. Each round plays out like a game of Battleship where you take turns in firing a single shot.

Like in the board game, initial attacks are pretty much a shoot and miss. You can’t see the entire level on the screen and although you have trajectory and projectile power indicators, they won't do you any good at first when setting up a shot.

Equip Simon with more weapons to do extra damage

Your enemies can be eliminated in a number of ways. They have a limited amount of health and managing two or three direct shots takes them out but you can also get lucky and pull off a single shot which throws them into the ocean. One shot, one kill.

As you advance into Raft Wars, your foes seem to be better at aiming and for this reason the game allows you to purchase a sturdier raft, grenades and even a rocket for the added bonus of firepower and area of effect.

Simple and enjoyable

On a closing note, Raft Wars won’t deliver a thrilling experience. It’s more of a game you play on a Sunday when there’s nothing better to do but shoot projectiles at greedy people who would steal both candy and diamonds from a baby.

Raft Wars was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 25th, 2014
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