Prototype 2

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A sidescrolling shooter that takes you deep into the dark regions of space to battle all kinds of dangerous enemies

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Prototype 2 is a sidescrolling shooter that was inspired by the classic R-Type game. It pitches you in a battle against enemy forces and sends you deep into their territory.

If you’re into classic arcaders, this one will hit the spot

Right off the bat, Prototype 2 looks totally great if you have a thing for retro looks and audio. Its creator even went so far as to give you the impression that you’re playing it on a cathode ray tube screen.

It definitely has flavour and not just in the overall look. Looking at the details there’s a lot to lose yourself in, from the word design to the plethora of enemy robots and ships that will come your way. Attention to detail is something this game has and it’s well directed to all the right elements that give it a classic feel.

An arcade game in the true sense of the word

Without a doubt, Prototype 2 manages to flawlessly emulate the arcade experience and if you have a controller laying around things only get better. One thing you’ll love, or mildly dislike, is the difficulty level of the game. In respect to every memorable arcade game, it’s tough, even in Rookie mode.

But then again, games like this one separate the boys from the older boys who have families and respectable jobs, a.k.a. men. Prototype 2 supplies you with a decent amount of options for weapons and each one looks really cool when fired and as expected, they light up and occupy half of the screen when fired.

A great example of a retro game done right

To wrap it up, Prototype 2 is by all means a game you should be playing, or at least try out. It has a great vibe, wonderful effects, smooth animations and design and last but not least, it’s the right kind of tough.

Prototype 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 18th, 2015
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