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Enjoy a fun arcade platformer with adventure and RPG elements




Prometheon is an action jump-and-run platform shooter that has adventure elements. Your objective will be to explore each level while uncovering new enemies and completing various story parts.

Besides the platforming the game also contains shoot-em-up sequences, various mini-games, "spirit" battles, etc.

Controls :
Arrow Keys - Move and Aim
ALT or X - Fire weapon
CTRL or Z - Jump
SPACE or ENTER - Activate and Examine
ENTER - Display current objective, if one exists
ESC - Enter Menu, Select Menu Item
TAB and BACKSPACE - Switch Between Weapons
Last updated on February 26th, 2013
Prometheon - From the Main window of the game, users can easily access the Options, Extras and even choose what chapter to selectPrometheon - The female character must use the weapon to shoot opponentsPrometheon - Various obstacles will make it hard to reach your objectivesPrometheon

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