Pokemon Black and White

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A fan-made Pokemon game that aims to recreate at least a small piece of the popular show





Pokemon Black and White is a fan-made game that aims to recreate some of the charm of Pokemon and its wonderful stories.

Unfortunately, it's something far from a game that is playable, let alone enjoyable. Pokemon Black and White looks more like an attempt at something rather than an actual game. The graphics are bad, there is no menu or help file associated to it so you can actually find out what the game is all about or what you can do it in.

After entering the game, you get to move your Pokemon Master using the arrow keys but once you have him moving in one direction, you can't really stop him unless he runs into a tree or an NPC. And speaking of, there are two NPCs that seem to shoot fire and ice balls at each other for fun and if you hit by any of them,  you lose a life.

There is only one pokemon to fight and you can simply press the A key to attack him. The faster you press the key, the quicker you defeat him. There was probably an attack mechanic implemented into the game but it just doesn't seem to work. Moreover, if you engage the pokemon with one life left, after you defeat it, you start off with three.

When it comes to Pokemon Black and White there's too much that doesn't work or seems to be badly designed. It's best you download this if you want an example of a game that's simply unplayable.
Last updated on August 27th, 2010
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