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A Pikachu themed arcade platformer with famous bosses to defeat and coins to collect

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Have you ever wanted to play a Mario inspired game in which the main character is Pikachu and the soundtrack is made out of songs from The Offspring and Marilyn Manson? Well your very specific tastes have been met.

Pikachu Adventure is a platformer in which you, Pikachu, have to jump around to collect coins, dodge enemies and projectiles with no apparent reason. Although it’s very similar to Mario in terms of gameplay, Bowser’s counterpart isn’t holding Misty captive or any kind of princess.

An easy to play platformer with little to offer

Pikachu Adventure is as simple as a game can be. You control Pikachu with the arrow keys so you can gather as many coins as you can, hit the spacebar to fire lightning at incoming enemies and wonder to the right until you get back into your pokeball.

By todays standards, Pikachu Adventure’s graphics are below average and so are many of the implemented animations. This doesn't necessarily make it a bad game, it’s still pretty entertaining and there are a few features that really do improve the experience. For example when Pikachu walks in grass, it moves under your feet and the enemies you encounter are actually other pokemon and occasionally you meet up with some of your friends.

Run around, jump, electrocute everything

The game doesn’t offer any kind of background story so there’s really no purpose to your adventure except to explore. Regardless of having a mission or not, Pikachu still looks kind of cute running around and blasting everything with lightning, even though most of the times it won’t affect your adversaries.

A casual game that’s sure to put a smile on your face

All in all, Pikachu Adventure might not be the best designed game out there, but it certainly has its charm with all the bugs and shortcomings. So, if you’re looking to amuse yourself for a couple of hours, you can definitely give this game a shot.

Pikachu Adventure was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
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