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How good are you at parking other people's cars? Find out in this addictive game!

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Parking Mania is a nice little puzzle arcade game that lets you test your skills when it comes to parking a tiny virtual car in all sorts of scenarios. Starting off with simple and empty parking lots, you progress to cases in which you can barely fit through already parked vehicles.

One to really test your patience

Parking Mania is that kind of game which starts off looking cute and easy and it abruptly wipes the smile off your face when you start driving the car around. The controls are simple, you just use the arrow keys but the car’s sensitivity to the directions you give it are way off. In short, you’ll be crashing it a lot.

Until you get used to the handling of the car, you tend to take your time with maneuvers in order park it just right, after all, you won’t pass to the next level unless the car is almost perfectly positioned. And if you do want to rush things with confidence, crashing it even just a little bit makes you restart the entire game, not just the level you’re on.

Simple graphics and an enjoyable experience

In terms of looks, Parking Mania is a decent game, designed for both children and grownups. It’s intended to be a simple puzzle game so it doesn’t rock advanced explosion physics when you crash into a car but you do get to face some moments when you actually learn something about the best angles to take when you wan to parallel park.

Practice your parking skills against the clock

To sum things up, Parking Mania is a nice little game with which you can definitely have a bit of fun, you struggle with some levels but at the end, you do get the satisfaction of overcoming the hardest ones.

Parking Mania was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
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