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Play a retro version version of Arkanoid without the need of an emulator or any other tools

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Paranoid has been openly named by its developer as being an Arkanoid clone so that’s what you should expect. Although, this version has a very good looking retro vibe to it which some old’school gamers will appreciate.

A game that’s so retro you’ll want to play it on a CRT

If retro games are something you’re into or want to try out, Paranoid is a really good thing to start with. Not only does it rock a fairly accurate representation of arcade graphics that topped out at just over 150px resolutions, it also comes with the appropriate soundtrack.

Paranoid will put your speakers to the test with some pretty good chiptunes which will be accompanied by a range of squeaky-clicky sound effects. It’s really a well put together emulation of vintage memorabilia and the gameplay also highlights that.

The graphics are spot on what you would expect a game from almost 20 years ago to look like. It might be a bit confusing at first but switching the game to window mode does help a lot.

Plenty of power ups and levels to challenge yourself with

Paranoid is played using a handful of keys, the arrows to move the paddle, space to shoot if you collect the proper power up and a few others. Everything about the game is meant to be basic, simple, just the way it was back in the day, the first few days to be more metaphorically correct.

There are several levels to play and they do get a bit tougher as you go along but since Paranoid is an arcade game, that is expected, and welcomed. Power ups can either make or break your game and you really need to do your best to avoid the ones you don't really need.

A fan-made game that’s vintage quality all the way

To wrap it up, if you’re looking for the (almost) complete arcade emulation, then Paranoid is a great game to start with. Its simplicity and simple nature make it kind of irresistible.

Paranoid was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
Paranoid - screenshot #1

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