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A clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe business simulation game that expands the original Transport Tycoon title.

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OpenTTD is a fan-made recreation of the popular Transport Tycoon Deluxe game. It’s an open-source simulation game in which you get to own and expand your very own transport company. The revised and enhanced version features a lot more content and options over the original and makes it all that much better.

Games with isometric graphics can still be a lot of fun

Today, one look at OpenTTD, and you might frown if you weren’t around when games like this one were popular or at least on the market. Their isometric low-resolution graphics might not make a good impression now, but this is a great game to play.

One thing though, if you haven’t played this before, or games with similar gameplay, it’s best you go through the tutorials. OpenTTD is large, with tons of details, and it’s easy to get lost in them or miss one small command that might cause you to lose a lot of money. Moreover, the GUI gets tiny if you want a large resolution and at times just that alone can bother a bit.

However, once you get a handle on the basic and start getting into the depths of the game, it becomes excellent. The old Tycoon series were really good, and the fact that this exists, and that it’s still being taken care of is proof of that. OpenTTD is a game that grows on your if you’re into economy/ business sims.

It’s free, and you can play it for days on end

There’s a good chance that OpenTTD will be appealing to those who have played the original or for those who are into sims. It allows you to play custom created scenarios, and even random ones can be generated on several tilesets. Moreover, you get to become a tycoon on some ridiculously large maps if you want to test your skills.

OpenTTD has a lot to offer, and there’s a whole lot more to it in the details. It takes a bit of time to fully grasp everything but that’s expected since you have to manage land, water and air transport across large maps and between tens or hundreds of locations.

A classic that shouldn't die out

To wrap it up, it’s great that Transport Tycoon is still around and in this updated and improved version. It ‘s exactly what you should play if you’re a fan of the Tycoon series.

OpenTTD was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
OpenTTD - One of the grandfathers of business simulation gamesOpenTTD - Keep track of your spending and income whenever you make decisionsOpenTTD - Plan routes for your trains and other transportation meansOpenTTD - screenshot #4

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