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Explore the vastness of space and choose your destiny, regardless of whether you want to be a pirate, a trader, or a miner

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In order to get a proper idea on how big the universe is, you only need to think of the fact that it takes the light around eight minutes to make the trip from Sun to Earth. Speaking in galactic distances, the Sun is practically brushing against us, because eight light minutes are nothing compared to the gaps between galaxies or clusters, which are measured in millions of light years.

A wide galaxy for you to explore and exploit

Oolite is basically an Elite remake made to look like it was released this century, and it features many of the same ideas and gameplay mechanics. In essence, there is not much of a story going and you are free to choose your own path right from the beginning. The map is obviously huge and open, so it might be a tad overwhelming at first, especially if you are not familiar with the original game.

To start off with, you play the role of a spaceship commander, but that’s not necessarily your profession. In fact, you can choose what to do by simply doing it, since there are no missions or quests to undertake. Hence, whether you intend on becoming an honest miner and make a living out of recovering precious materials, or just lay back and enjoy the life of a pirate, the choice is entirely up to you.

Customize your ship and learn how to fight

Regardless of how peaceful your line of work might be, the galaxy is big and there are bad people roaming it. Hence, you need to know how to handle a bit of danger, because it will inevitably find you at some point. Obviously, lasers are your primary source of damage, seeing as this is a sci-fi space game after all, but there are other interesting weapons as well.

Not only that, but the graphics look nice enough to get you into the atmosphere and provide you with some unique sights along the way. The backgrounds are littered with distant stars and galaxies, not to mention the planets, stars, and asteroids you get to see up close on your journey. The sound is nice as well, but don’t expect anything too great and try not to put too much faith in the soundtrack.

Plenty of fun for the science fiction enthusiasts

All in all, Oolite can be the perfect answer to your needs if you are on the lookout for a sandbox game designed in the spirit of the classic Elite series. However, this is still an indie production, so be prepared to deal with some annoyances as well.

Oolite Full Game was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 27th, 2015
Oolite Full Game - You have the option of starting with a new commander, or loading a previous save.Oolite Full Game - There are many planets you can survey along the way.Oolite Full Game - Sometimes, force is the only way to get away from a threat.Oolite Full Game - screenshot #4Oolite Full Game - screenshot #5Oolite Full Game - screenshot #6Oolite Full Game - screenshot #7Oolite Full Game - screenshot #8Oolite Full Game - screenshot #9

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