Old Super Mario Bros.

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There are many Super Mario Bros clones, but this one aims to bring a twist to the popular SNES game

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Old Super Mario Bros. is a nice little remake for the hugely popular platformer that brought a lot of joy and shaped nerves of steel throughout countless hours of playing. In this one, you’re still Mario the plumber and your mission still is that to save the princess from Bowser.

The same classic feel with a new cover of paint

Old Super Mario Bros. si delivered in an install-free Flash package and once run, you might get mixed feelings about how it looks. Those who have played it on classic consoles might feel that Mario is a bit too well rounded and detailed, he’s ‘too vector’ and that might end up in robbing the game of some of its charm.

On the other hand, tiny Mario without the Super Mushroom power-up looks way cooler than the classic one, there’s something about how the hat sits that just makes it ok. Along with the main character, the entire world has also been updated in graphics which depending on personal taste, might be a good thing or a bad one.

A thing that has remained true to the game legacy in Old Super Mario Bros. is the existence of the same brilliant theme song that you can hear throughout the entire game, along with the enjoyable sound you hear just as your character dies.

Equally hard to play and just as fun

Old Super Mario Bros., like the original game will not be any easier to play. You still have to focus on a lot of jumps and time them with moving platforms, shoot at the right time and so on. The controls are a cinch to learn since there are only seven of them but it takes a bit to master character control.

The world in this version of Mario shares plenty of similarities with the classic one in terms of level structure and layout, with some portions being almost identical. However, you do get a few new environment objects that you can climb on and use.

A neat alternative for Mario fans

To sum things up, Old Super Mario Bros. is by all means a really nice game for people of all ages which can certainly guarantee a few hours of enjoyment.

Old Super Mario Bros. was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
Old Super Mario Bros. - From the main screen you can choose the level you want to play.Old Super Mario Bros. - Stump the goomba's and make your way through each level while collecting all the coinsOld Super Mario Bros. - Explore the sewers and defeat all the enemies you encounter.

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