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Control the tentacles of a large octopus who wants to maintain his act as a human father

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How hard can it be for an octopus to pretend he’s a human being? Well, a lot and it’s also a strange strange thing to think about. Octodad is a game in which you become a digital puppeteer to help an octopus overcome simple daily tasks without revealing his cephalopod identity to his human family.

A game with an interesting and fun way of controlling the main character

Octopuses have no bones in their body and as you can imagine, Octodad is very fragile and, helpless. So, you have to step in and manually guide his tentacle feet and hands so that he is able to perform the mundane duties he has to in order to maintain his credibility as a human dad.

The game takes you through a short and comprehensive tutorial that explains everything you need to know about the gameplay. Since in theory things are always easy, you’ll struggle a bit at first with moving him around or simply picking up objects but eventually you get a handle on things.

You can only manipulate feet or hands at one time so you will always be switching between them when it comes to any task. In both cases, clicking and moving the mouse cursor will guide the tentacles and it will be confusingly fun.

It’s sometimes difficult, at other times it’s amusing but most of the time it’s strange

Where you stand on the idea of cephalopod mollusc infiltrating human life will determine your relationship with the octopus. Octodad is a strange creature and he/it will remain so until the very last second of the game. There’s just something about his squishy nature and the way you make him move.

Also, take a good look at where you guide his feet because he tends to get stuck a lot into corners and doors. But then again he is an octopus, suction cups are a naturally given feature...or it could just be a bug.

It’s definitely an adventure, an unusual one but an adventure none the less

On a closing note, Octodad is something else from almost any angle you look at it. Gameplay mechanics are really fun to work with and the whimsical nature of the characters you interact with make it totally enjoyable, and weird.

Octodad was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 23rd, 2015
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