Mystic India Pop

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A Zuma inspired game that has an Indian theme and instead of a frog you have an elephant

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Mystic India Pop is a tile matching game that resembles Zuma a whole lot. It features the same gameplay with the same mechanics but with fewer aesthetically pleasing elements.

Shoot balls to match balls so those matching balls disappear

Gameplay in Mystic India Pop is as simple as can be. In each level of the game you have an elephant head placed somewhere on the board and from it you have to shoot and match balls with others that are pushed onto the board on a certain path.

The elephant head can be rotated 360 degrees and aiming is not a problem. Pressing space switches between two ball colors and that makes it a lot easier to match them. As you connect three or more balls of the same color, they disappear from the board and after you eliminate them all, you get to move to the next level.

A variety of levels that get more complicated as you progress

In Mystic India Pop, just like in Zuma, each level looks different and the further along you are in the game, the tougher they get. Some levels have more than one path for the balls, others come with a complicated path that makes it difficult to match balls and so on.

The gameplay doesn’t suffer any changes from one level to another so you can rest assured that your only challenge will be that of aiming well because if the balls reach the end of the path, you lose one life.

A decent free contender for Zuma

Mystic India Pop is a Flash powered game that takes its inspiration from Zuma and looks quite good. It’s a decent game to play if you’re looking to spend some casual time.

Mystic India Pop was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
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