Mutant Garden Guard

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Defend the garden from the mutant monsters and don't forget about the power-ups




Mutant Garden Guard is an unforgettable adventure of a brave farmer! Once Jacob the farmer came out to water the garden. But suddenly he found out that amongst the plant band lies a huge black rock.

It was producing terrible niff and smoke. “Oh, God! A huge meteorite has fallen onto my garden,” – Jacob thought. Suddenly he heard quiet rustle from everywhere. Vegetables on the rows started shaking and growing.

The fruits started cracking, bushes and trees started muting, first fetal snarl could be heard. The farmer ran to the house in order to get his gun. When he ran out horrible vegetable monsters were wondering all around.

Long knotty hands, huge eyes and sharp fangs made the farmer panic. They must be terminated immediately, so that they wouldn’t ravel out all around.

The game Mutant Garden Guard is funny amusement for all the ages. The four worlds, funny characters and frantic hazard will give no end to your pleasure
Last updated on May 7th, 2013
Mutant Garden GuardMutant Garden GuardMutant Garden Guard

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