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A 3D arcade game that gets really tough really fast but still remains plenty of fun

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Mustafa 3D is a more modern rendition of a classic top-down scrolling arcade game in which the goal is to shoot down as many ships as possible without dying. It sounds simple enough but following the old-school arcade tradition, the game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress.

Simple graphics for simple fun

Mustafa 3D is designed to emulate the feeling of an old arcade game and its difficulty, rather than be something that looks fantastic. Focus is given to gameplay rather than looks and you can immediately see that.

Your spaceship moves very fast and it can accurately be maneuvered between the incoming ships, you get to use three types of weapons that are perfect for different scenarios and of course, there’s permanent death.

The latter means that if your craft gets blown to pieces, you have to restart the game all over again. As harsh as that sounds, it’s one of the core principles in a lot of great arcade games.

A game which you can manipulate anyway you want

Mustafa 3D is delivered to its players as an open source product, meaning that you can have a crack at its code to add or remove features, components and so on. This gives you and others the chance to transform an otherwise really fun game into something more.

Looking past the graphics, the game is pretty solid and can offer plenty of hours of fun. In the true sense of the arcade, as you play, the difficulty level increases until you are forced to make a mistake that ends the game. In this case, the number of incoming ships increases drastically after you pass the 1k score count.

Since running into a ship causes damage to yours, the only option is to shoot them down. The only problem with that solution is that your weapons system can overheat and cease to fire until it cools down. Switching between weapon types doesn’t reset the cooldown for them.

A game that’s worth a shot on a rainy day

On a closing note, if you’re a fan of top-down arcade shooters that take place in space, then Mustafa 3D is something you need to try.

Mustafa 3D was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
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