Multiplayer Pebbles

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Will you be able to solve the pebble puzzle before your opponent does so?





Multiplayer Pebbles is a fun logic game where your objective is to reveal a secret code formed by at most 4 color pebbles before your opponent does so.

When the game starts, you and your opponent will be asked to form a secret code for each other to guess. Spaces are allowed in the code and the colors of the pebbles may repeat. Then you will be given an empty board, and 8 pebbles of different colors will be placed on the panel on the left of the board.

The board is composed of 10 rows of small holes, with each of the rows containing 4 empty holes. You can start making the first guess by dragging at most 4 pebbles onto the row at the bottom of the board, then click the Guess button on the right. After making a guess, a feedback will appear on the right of the board.

A green light means that both the color and the position of a pebble in your guess is correct, while a white light means that the color of a pebble is correct but the position is wrong. Note that the positions of the lights do not necessarily represent the positions of correct pebbles, for example, a green light on the leftmost position does not necessarily imply that the leftmost pebble is correct. If no light is presented, nothing is correct in the guess.

You can then modify your guesses based on the given feedback. The play area of your opponent will be shown on the right of the screen, allowing you to observe his current progress. When a player reveals the secret code, the game is won. Be sure to set the most tricky code for your opponent to prevent him from getting the better of you!
Last updated on November 12th, 2013
Multiplayer PebblesMultiplayer PebblesMultiplayer PebblesMultiplayer PebblesMultiplayer Pebbles

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