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A neat little game that is played in a tug of war style manner and offers a large number of units to use

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Miragine War is a Tug of War style game in which you have to send your troops into battle and hopefully destroy the enemy’s life crystal. In terms of gameplay, Miragine War comes down to simply choosing the units you want to use in the fight by clicking on them, and then waiting for them to spawn.

A Flash powered game that will work on just about anything

Miragine War runs using Flash Player so if you have it installed, the game should work even if your PC is from 15 years ago. There are no other special requirements. Visually, Miragine War doesn’t come with anything spectacular but the units that fight are really well designed.

The battle is waged between two forces, of which one is controlled by you and the other can be assigned to the computer or another human player. To push the offensive, each side has the same units available but the difference is in which ones you or your adversary chooses to send.

Not really a strategy game but thinking ahead really counts

Each unit you send has its characteristics such as HP, damage versus light or armored units, attack speed and range. There are 16 warriors to choose from and each one has a different combination of stats meaning that every unit can be easily countered.

However, to do so, your have to predict which units will be sent your way or which ones you need to attack with so that they inflict the most amount of damage. Each unit you send into battle has a certain cost but also generates income. The more you spend, the more you can make on for the next wave and so on until the battles that were once fought by three of four soldiers end up being large scale wars between tens of warriors.

A really nice casual game that can spare you of some boredom

On a closing note, Miragine War is by all means a game worth playing if you're having a slow day. It’s easy to play but difficult to master and it’s actually a bit addictive.

Miragine War was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 15th, 2015
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