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A sandbox game that uses Minecraft mechanics and gameplay and allows you to build anything

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Minetest a Minecraft inspired game that enables you to enter an almost infinitely vast block-made world in which you can build or sculpt whatever you want without the worry of running out of anything. It’s a highly customizable sandbox game which can be fitted with countless mods and played in both single player, as well as in multiplayer modes.

Infinite possibilities for the creative mind

In Minetest you won’t have to worry about not having enough materials to build whatever it is that you want to build. The game offers a very large inventory that is full of block types, digging items, weapons and all kinds of miscellaneous objects or materials you want to use in creating your unique world.

You start off off in the middle of nowhere in the randomly created world and since there are no quests to complete or any kind of objectives to reach, you can go straight to the building phase. Huts, houses,mansions, castles and even entire cities can be built if you have the time and patience.

Simple and addictive gameplay

If you’re looking to get into the absolute basics of what a sandbox game is, then Minetest is a great first choice. Sure, you skip the resource gathering part which is rather important but with its absence, you actually fast forward to the building phase which is the most enjoyable.

You use your mouse to look around and point the axe, pickaxe or shovel in the direction you want to cut or dig, use the standard keys for FPS movement and switch between items with the mouse wheel. The game allows you to explore the entire voxel world, craft materials you need and with its high tolerance for modding, you can pretty much bring anything you want into the game.

A sandbox game made for everyone to enjoy

On a closing note, if you’re looking to see what sandbox games are all about, then you can certainly try Minetest. Chances are you’ll be totally addicted after a few minutes of gameplay.

Minetest was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 19th, 2015
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