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Play a 2D version of Minecraft where you can build what ever you want, craft and hunt down zombies

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Mineblock is a 2D rendition of the popular game which is meant to offer you roughly the same experience, but simplified. It’s actually a Java powered clone that in the meantime has been put to rest because development for it is no more.

Minecraft but in 2D, the same routine the same stuff to do

In Mineblock you will have to quickly gather resources and build a shelter for protection because during night time, zombies start to roam free and they’re really interested in killing you. You’re left on a randomly generated map with nothing but an axe and building and exploring are your only options.

You have to dig, cut, chop and gather everything you need to create a nice and sturdy home for yourself. The basic resources are all around you just like in Minecraft so the gathering part is pretty much a done deal. You can skip using your axe for gathering because punches seem to do the trick just fine and this way you at least don’t damage your weapon.

Only for those who have played Minecraft, or those who don’t mind seeking help outside the game

Mineblock seems to be stripped down of any kind of help. There is no crafting tutorial, there are no hints, clues, nothing. The only way you can enjoy this game is if you already know how things work by having previously played Minecraft. The same rules apply for crafting and everything else, except for the fact that you get a smaller crafting box.

Another solution is to play while having a web page opened in which you can find information about crafting and other helpful stuff. Although, that doesn’t really sound like much fun.

Simple gameplay that gets easier with practice

If you really want to play this 2D recreation of Minecraft you can, but it takes a bit to get used to everything. Moreover, it has its fair share of bugs and flaws and since development for it is at a standstill, you shouldn’t expect much from it.

Mineblock 2D was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
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