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Mario with Portal mechanics, yes, you get the Portal Gun to use in Mario's adventure

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There is are a huge number of Mario fan-made games that roam the Internet in search of fans to play and appreciate them. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them come very short of replicating the feeling you get from the original, or don’t even succeed in being fun.

However, today is a good day, today you get to play Mari0. It’s a perfect recreation of original, from the structure of the levels down to the last note of every sound effect. What’s totally great about it is that you have the Portal gun. Yep, you get to use Portal mechanics in Mario.

Mario just became a puzzle platformer

The core gameplay to Mario remains the same. You can stomp on Goombas, mushrooms make you bigger and you still have to save the princess. On the flipside, now you don’t get to shoot mini fireballs but you can create portals that allow you and everything else to travel through them. Physics included.

Just like in Portal, Mario has the gun and using the mouse buttons you can create the two portals. The rest is exactly like in Valve game. Now, instead of shooting at the enemy, you mess with their mind by setting traps.

An excellent fusion of iconic games

Mari0 is one of the best Mario based games you can play. It’s super fun, and if you can round up three more friends, it offers a multiplayer mode. Imagine that, four moustachy plumbers with Portal guns and eight ways of complicating everything.

Moreover, the game even comes with a level editor. How is this and all of the above not everything you need to take your enjoyment of Mario to an entirely new level? Mario and Portal mechanics together, I know it sounds strange, but it’s something you can’t go wrong with.

You have to play it, you just have to

The above might seem like a bit of over-hyping but truth be told, Mari0 is great because it keeps the original alive, and it adds something that makes it more fun and a bit more complicated. Two things that go well together.

Mari0 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 20th, 2015

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