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The second episode of Lode Runner, Bungeling Away





This is the second episode of the world famous lode Runner, featuring yet another 75 different levels. The level editor is still available.

If you are through with all the 75 levels of Episode I: Classicwards, take the next challenge. This second episode of Lode Runner series by ZX Games features a different and much tougher set of 75 levels, which were designed by Douglas Smith and unknown kids in the distant 1983.

The levels get progressively more difficult and are advantageous only to the angry Bungelings controlled by the AI as mean as ever. You are all alone to struggle against the 1983 brains, beat it to the end and, well, maybe relive the levels you have already completed or even tailor them to your taste by using the in-built level editor.

There is also the quick save & load feature to rest your weary fingers upon and prevent you from the collapse should the game get too zesty. Finite lives are an atavism, so there aren't any.

Smooth control engine is a no-annoy factor. Full-screen and window modes add up to the convenience.
Last updated on June 30th, 2013
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