KludgopolB Beta 2012-12-23

Enjoy a fun Monopoly game with up to seven different opponents
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KludgopolB is a fun and simple looking Monopoly clone made in Java. The game can be played with up to eight different players (AI and human).

The game features four different boards where two are based on regional variations of Monopoly and two are more different.

Roll the dice, buy proprieties, place hotels and win!

Main features:

  • Boards are stored in .conf files (text files) in a directory called "boardfiles" and so new boards can be added or existing ones modified etc..
  • There is plenty of flexibility as to what constitues a valid board, though the number of spaces has to be a (non-zero) multiple of four. Images for the board/buildings/property cards (as well as folders containing player icons) etc can be specified in the text files, though without them generic images are created that are used.
  • Quite a few options regarding the game rules to choose from. Pre-set options are stored in .conf files in "houseconf" directory, though these are just for convenience.
  • 2-8 players, including computer players with varying strengths.
  • If you click on the board image that appears in the rule selection screen, you'll find a mechanism for calculating probability of landing on a given space on the currently selected board with the options currently selected (the calculation is purely empirical).
  • Save/Load game feature (saving only works at the moment at the end of someone's go or at the beginning of someone's go. This is a design decision, though the possibility of saving it when, for example, someone faces the choice of whether to buy a property, is being considered).

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