Kingdom Rush

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A strategy game where you need to defend your kingdom against orcs, trolls, wizards and other evil beings

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Kingdom Rush combines classic tower defense with a bit of RTS action in order to deliver a fun and challenging game. The goal is to defend your kingdom against oncoming swarms of goblins and all kinds of increasingly powerful enemies.

An easy to play Flash game

Kingdom Rush runs using Flash Player so you need to have it installed on your computer in order to play it. Additionally, the game isn’t really an .exe file which you can simply run so you need to drag it into your web browser to be able to play.

Loads of levels to pass and achievements to unlock

Kingdom Rush provides a very large number of levels you can play, the next one being more difficult than the previous. To make things even more interesting, the game also lets you revisit levels and play them in a different mode. This offers an extra challenge because the strategy you used the first time around might not apply the second or third time.

There are over 60 levels to choose from and if you plan to play them in all available modes, that guarantees a decent amount of playing hours. Moreover, to keep things a bit more interesting, you also get a number of achievements that you can unlock and in case you’re a perfectionist when it comes to finishing a game, those are some additional tasks for you.

Use towers, spells and heroes

Kingdom Rush has a few years behind it so in terms of graphics it’s fairly decent and we recommend you play it in a small window to be able to enjoy it at its best. The game runs smooth and offers a variety of towers which you can upgrade to make them more powerful.

A nice touch that this tower defense game has, opposed to countless others, is that you can choose a leveling path for your towers as well as imbue them with various upgrades that apply to certain classes. Heroes are also present in the game, you do however need to work a little in order to unlock them but they are totally worth it.

Defend your lands against the dreadful enemy

All in all, Kingdom Rush might not excel in graphics but it does offer a large array of challenges, plenty of upgrades and tower combinations, all of which make it a success for this game genre.

Kingdom Rush was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
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